This could be a great...colander.

Last week, I saw an article about a guy who won the right to use a colander as a hat in his driver's license photograph. This raises a lot of questions. We can discuss rights, liberty, religion, respect. But this is not the intention of this post. I just remembered that I had a beautiful and retro colander on my table, and I use it as a fruit bowl. People use their colanders for their own purposes (in their own unique ways), right?

I selected some pictures which show different uses of a colander in the home:

Where did I find them?

1. This beautiful idea to illuminate an Italian dinner was found in http://chillybear.wordpress.com/. There you can find thousands of other ideas for Christmas.

2. Very useful and unusual, you can adapt your colander to protect cakes, fruits and pies from bugs at a picnic. Discover how simple it is to make this project yourself here: http://www.hgtv.com/

3. You can see the steps to turn your colander into a lamp in this cute blog: http://www.antigo.acasaqueaminhavoqueria.com/

4. Flowers are always beautiful. And the water won't stay inside this untypical vase. http://www.copyepaste.com/

5. This lamp I saw in a very very interesting blog: http://www.ikeahackers.net/
The idea is to transform, personalize or "hack" Ikea products.

6. A small colander was used as a bowl at a bridal shower party. This cute idea was seen http://www.frangocombanana.com
7. My grandmother used to grow her plants in old pots. Probably, she would love this suspended vase. http://artesanatodoceu.blogspot.com/

8. Like mine: very simple use for a beautiful colander. In http://www.feelslikehomeblog.com you can find other ideas of how you can use a colander.

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